Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Mini-Lesson: Managing Stress

 The end of the school year can be a stressful time.  Today let's learn about stress and how to manage it!  First watch this Health Science video for kids about stress.  

Now watch my video mini-lesson!

Follow Up Activities:

  • Stress can be helpful.  Write or talk to someone about a time that stress actually helped you get something done or try something new.
  • Here is a list of the strategies Mrs. G recommends when your stress level is high.  Which strategies work for you when you feel stressed?  Draw or write about them!
    • Take some deep breaths or use a breathing strategy like square breathing.
    • Check in with yourself.  What is your stress level?
    • Make a list of the things that are causing you stress.  This could end up being a to-do list that can help you organize your time.
    • Make time for stress relief!  Examples:
      • Time outside
      • Exercise
      • Reading or writing
      • Drawing or music
      • Time with friends or family
    • Give yourself kind messages! Examples:
      • "I am doing the best I can!"
      • "One thing at a time."
      • "I got this!"
    • Talk to an adult that you trust about your stress.  This may involve problem solving or taking things off your plate.  

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Mini-Lesson: Be a Friend!

 It's so important to have strong, healthy relationships with our classmates.  Having friends helps us to feel connected and makes school even more fun!  

Today watch this video about friendship soup first and then watch my mini-lesson!

Now check out my mini-lesson!

Follow Up Activity:

  • Write a recipe for friendship or for being a good classmate.
  • You could also choose to write a poem.  
  • How have you been a good friend and classmate recently? Think, write, share!
  • In what area of friendship could you improve?  Think, write, share!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Mini-Lesson: A Strong Finish

 It's been a year of challenges.  We have needed to be flexible and adapt.  For many of us, the last few weeks of school will bring more changes.  How can we ensure a strong end to our school year?

Follow-Up Activity:

  • Identify how you want the last few weeks of school to feel for you.  Write them down.  What thoughts and actions will help create those positive feelings that you identified?  Write them down too and make a plan to use the self-talk and actions daily!
Mrs. G's Plan 

Worksheet Download from TPT (for teacher and parent use)

Monday, May 3, 2021

Mini-Lesson: Testing Tips

Students in grades 1st through 4th are taking the NWEA assessment this week.  Today's lesson gives some quick tips on how to do your best without too much stress.  Scaredy Squirrel makes a quest appearance!

 Follow-Up Activities:

  • I forgot to follow up with Scaredy during our video!  He found our mini-lesson very helpful and was able to calmly take his reading assessment.  He reminded himself that the test is just a snap-shot of who he is as a learner.  He told himself that he would stay calm, focused, and do his best.  What positive thoughts can you tell yourself before an assessment?  

  • When Scaredy got to a long paragraph in the reading assessment he noticed some worried and stressed feelings in himself.  He stopped to try the balloon breathing and he took a 30 second vacation (in his mind) to his favorite spot in the forest.  What strategy will you try if you notice yourself getting stressed or worried?  

  • Having a growth mindset is SO important during assessments.  It is TOTALLY OKAY if we get to a problem that we don't understand or know how to do YET.  Learning is not a race or a competition.  We are all stretching and growing our brains every day.  If you are not sure of the answer, take a smart guess and move on.  Check out this read aloud to learn more about building a "Bubble Gum Brain".  

Monday, April 26, 2021

Mini-Lesson- Back to it!!!

 I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing April vacation!  Today I am going to give you two quick tips on transitioning back to school after a vacation week.

Follow Up Activities:

  • Give yourself permission to ease back into the routine of school.  How can you help yourself to do that?  Ideas:  take one thing at a time, take some deep breaths or mindfulness breaks, give yourself some positive self talk.
  • What routines have you created that help you have a positive and productive school week?  Write them down! Here is mine:
    • Wake up early.
    • Do a 5 minute meditation while my coffee brews.
    • Drink coffee while journaling or reading.
    • Do a 30 minute workout
    • Play outside with my kids after school (basketball, tag, trampoline)
    • Have my sleepy time tea around 7:30pm.  Straighten up the house and get things ready for the next day.
    • Read a book in bed.
    • Go to sleep to nighttime mediation.  

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Mini-Lesson: Empathy and April Vacation

 I'm so excited to share one of my favorite books with you, Last Stop On Market Street by Matt De La Pena.  I think this story has some messages that could help us have an enjoyable April Vacation, no matter what plans we may (or may not) have.

Follow Up Activity:

  • It's easy to get frustrated and jealous when we focus on things that other people have that we don't have.  Let's spend a little time focused on the things that we feel lucky to have in our lives.  Write a list of things that you have or are able to do that you feel grateful for.  
  • Let's allow think about how we want to spend April vacation.  How can we spend our time in a way that makes ourselves and other people feel good?  Write or share your ideas!

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Mini-Lesson- Exploring Mrs. G's Calming Room

 Today I am going to share an exciting resource with you, my calming room.  I'll give you a tour on my mini-lesson and then share it below for you to explore on your own.

Follow Up Activity:

  • Explore my calming room on your own.  Learn more about the zones of regulations.  Identify 2-3 tools that might help you get back in the green zone, which means you are calm and ready to learn!