Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Problem Solving Using KC's Choices

Currently in guidance we are focused on problem solving and conflict resolution.  I have been making use of some resources from the program Kelso's Choice, which is a conflict management program for students in grades K-5.  We have been differentiating between small and big problems, and empowering students to make thoughtful choices to solve their own small problems.  Students will continue to hear that message that it is always okay to go to adults for support, especially when a student feels unsafe or the problem is ongoing.   You may want to encourage your child to use these strategies at home, as well!

Excerpt from the Kelso's Choice Program:

There are eight choices to solve “minor problems.”  There are “verbal choices” and “nonverbal choices” to solve “minor problems”:

verbal choices:

  • Make a Deal
  • Tell them to stop
  • Apologize
  • Talk it out

nonverbal choices:

  • Wait and cool off
  • Walk away
  • Go to another game
  • Ignore it

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