Individual Student Support

If there is a problem or situation inside or outside of school that is making it difficult for a student to focus on learning, I am available to meet with them to support.  Students may ask to see me to discuss friendship struggles, difficult feelings (for example-dealing with worried feelings), academic concerns, or situations occurring at home (for example- a family change or loss).  I encourage parents to reach out to me if they are concerned about their child and feel they may benefit from checking in with me.  When I meet with students individually my goals are to; make them feel heard, help them to sort out their thoughts and feelings, and to develop a plan to move forward.

Because of my role within the school, my individual work with students in short-term in nature.  If I feel as though your child could benefit from additional support, I will be in communication with you and may suggest connecting them with our school social worker or help make a connection with an outside counselor or other resource.

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