Thursday, October 13, 2016

Reflecting, Evaluating, and Improving Our Buddy Bench Work

Because of it's connection to our Buddy Bench work, I have been sharing the book, The Invisible Boy, with all Pond Cove students.  Each grade level has had a slightly different discussion and has had different follow up activities to help us improve inclusion and connectedness at Pond Cove.  Some 2nd grade classes have used guidance time to discuss how they think the Buddy Bench is working thus far at Pond Cove School.  I asked students to identify what is working well, any problems they have seen, and ideas for how to improve the effectiveness of the bench.  Students had some great feedback and ideas for how to strengthen this important work.  Stay tuned for more!

A group of Mrs. Harrington's students takes notes from their group's Buddy Bench discussion.  

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