Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cotton Ball Words in Kindergarten

In this last round of kindergarten guidance classes we used a box filled with cotton balls and a box filled with sandpaper to talk about the power of our words.  We can choose to use words that are soft and friendly or we can choose words that are hard and rough.  Everyone agreed that we should be trying to use cotton ball words whenever possible at school.

We then handed out puppets and partnered up to practice our best cotton ball words.  Students had their puppets greeting each other warmly, giving compliments, and inviting each other to play.

We ended our class with the book, Words Are Not For Hurting.  Students proved their knowledge of cotton ball and sandpaper words by pointing out which was which as we read.  We also talked about how the characters may have been feeling and how we want our friends at school to feel.

Encourage your student to practice their cotton ball words at home too!

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